Your Guide to DSCSA, T3 Information, and Implementation for Pharmacies

The U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is transforming how pharmacies do business. New requirements go into effect in November 2020.

Are you prepared?

Download our DSCSA Guide and learn:
  • The DSCSA history and timeline
  • How to prepare for upcoming changes
  • Recall, dispense & return management benefits with rfxcel's Dispenser Solution
  • How rfxcel integrates with your systems to meet DSCSA requirements

Download your guide today and ensure you're on the right track to compliance!


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We empower the healthcare industry to master their supply chains with real-time data, traceability, and business intelligence.

Meet global regulatory compliance requirements

Meet DSCSA requirements for dispensers

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Transform operations with a digital supply chain

Transform operations with a digital supply chain


Why customers love rfxcel

rfxcel offers a customer-focused architecture that allows us to manage a validated environment according to our quality standards and schedule.

Conor O’Shea
Head of Information Technology at DCC Vital